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Beijing Zhongxin Yibao Technology Co., Ltd.
The Leading Intelligent Insurance Technology Service Provider in China

Doubao Network was established in 2015 and has grown to be the leading intelligent insurance technology service provider in China. It adheres to its original tagline of “Technology makes insurance services more efficient and smarter”, providing one-stop integrated solutions for SaaS small programs such as intelligent marketing, intelligent customer service, intelligent claims handling, intelligent operations and corporate insurance functions for insurance companies, brokers, corporate customers and third-party value-add service providers. The company is a nationwide high-tech enterprise located in Zhongguancun.

Up to May of 2019, according to official website data, Doubao Technology Limited has signed agreements with many well-known insurance companies such as Pacific Insurance Group, PICC P&C, Zhongan Online, Kunlun Health, Everbrightas well as dozens of provincial or district insurance intermediary agencies in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, amongst other provinces. Over 8,000 enterprises and 2.58 million policyholders have been served and 689,000 claims cases have been successfully accepted through the WeChat small program, with the accumulated premium serviced through the platform reaching 4.12 billion yuan. In addition to this significant technology company, a subsidiary of Doubao has a nationwide insurance brokerage license.

In January 2019, Doubao Network began to explore the overseas insurance market. Its subsidiary in Hong Kong, EasiTech Ltd was formally established in the first quarter of the year. With Hong Kong serving as the centre for pan-Asian business development, versions of the SaaS products have been launched in traditional Chinese, English and Japanese version for deployment in Hong Kong and Japan. To date, the company has reached strategic cooperation agreements with many well-known international insurance institutions.

In order to actively deploy Intelligence +, in September 2018, the company and Beijing Big Data Research Institute jointly established a domestic artificial intelligence insurance laboratory - Insur AI lab, led by E. Weinan, the chief scientist of the China Insurance Industry Association, professor at Princeton University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  • Corporate culture

    Leading Insurance Intelligent Technology Service Providers in China

  • Corporate intention

    Technology makes insurance services more efficient and smarter.

  • Solution

    One-stop integrated solution for SaaS+ small programs such as intelligent marketing, intelligent customer service, intelligent claims, intelligent operation, and fission of corporate insurance, intermediaries and corporate customers, and third-party value-added service providers.

May 2019
DouBao assisted Aixin Life to launch the “medical-nursing insurance” strategy and officially expanded the professional area of pension service.
March 2019
Overseas subsidiary of EasiTech was officially established in Hong Kong.
Jan. 2019
Doubao was listed again on the Global Insurance Technology Report in 2018 published by PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University.
Dec. 2018
The founder of Doubao, Zhang Qike, was selected in a documentary titled "Peers Talk" published by the Xinhua News Agency on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.
Nov. 2018
Doubao participated in 2018 Zhongguancun forum and won the "Top 20 Shengjing Global Innovation Awards".
Doubao insurance plan successfully escorted the 12th China Cup Regatte as a symbol of new milestone in insurance service of large international sport event.
Doubao was invited to participate in the Oxygen China · Annual Venture Capital Meeting of the fifth World Internet Conference Parallel Forum and listed on the Top 10 High-Quality Projects.
Sep. 2018
Doubao signed agreement and cooperated with Beijing Institute of Big Date Research, Peking University.
July 2018
Doubao was invited to participate in the Global Insurance Technology Report Conference in 2018 by PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University, listed in the 10th “Circle Plan – Complete Vacation” activity as a typical case, donated accident insurance and assisted public welfare.
June 2018
Doubao was invited to participate in the Insurance Technology Elite Conference in 2018, made a speech and awarded as the best insurance technology company.
May 2018
Doubao was invited to participate in the China International Big Data Industry Exposition and made a speech.
At the beginning of the year
Doubao obtained a new round of financing invested by Shengjing Jiacheng FOF.
March 2017
Doubao demonstrated health big data platform for the first time on the “8th China HR learning day” and precisely seized health conditions of employees.
Nov. 2016
Doubao obtained the Pre-A round financing invested by Komsomolsk Wujiang Xingyao Investment Management Partnership, Qingdao Lanhai Fangzhou Venture Capital Fund and other institutions.
Sep. 2016
Doubao held the “Anniversary Celebration” activity and presented the internal test version of HR saas platform to the public for the first time.
July 2016
Doubao donated one hundred million sum insured to the 6th “Circle Plan – Complete Vacation” activity and assisted the public welfare.
March 2016
Doubao held the “Internet Insurance + Health Summit in 2016” and issued the internet insurance + health strategic layout.
Jan. 2016
Enterprise users of Doubao hit 100 for the first time and service users reached nearly twenty thousand.
Oct. 2015
Doubao officially launched and operated, and obtained angel financing invested by Zhongjin Huicai.
July 2015
Doubao team was founded.
      Awarded by The Economic Observer - Top 50 Financial Science and Technology of China in 2018
      Awarded the Caring Enterprise by Wuxi Lingshan Charity Foundation in 2018
      Awarded the TOP 30 Excellent Service Organization by the 9th Beijing Human Resources Expo 2018 (China HR Good Service)
      Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by the Organizing Committee of the 12th CHINA CUP INTERNATIONAL REGATTA in 2018
      Awarded the Winning Prize of 2018 Global Financial Technology Entrepreneurship Competition by Tsinghua Wudaokou Finance Institute
      Awarded the Top 20 Shengjing360.com Global Innovation Awards in 2018
      Awarded the Best Insurance Technology Company by Inslab in 2018
      Awarded the Top 20 Insurance Technology Innovations of the Molecular Laboratory in 2019
      Awarded the Top 50 Excellent Insurance Innovation Projects by Inslab in 2019
      Awarded Excellent Growth of China's New Economy by Frost & Sullivan in 2019
      Awarded the Top 10 Favorite Service-oriented Enterprises by Ali Alumni in 2017
      Awarded the Shanduoduo.org Charity Award in 2018
      Awarded the Top 20 Shengjing360.com Global Innovation Awards in 2018
      Awarded the China Leading Fintech 50 in 2018 by KPMG
      Awarded the TOP 30 Excellent Service Organization by the 9th Beijing Human Resources Expo 2018 (China HR Good Service)
      Awarded the Innovative Model Entrepreneurs 2018 by Science and Technology Daily.com
      Awarded the Internet Recruitment Season Pioneer Talent Officer in 2018 by Lagou.com
      Awarded the Top 50 of China Internet (Reverse Growth) Quasi-Unicorn Company in 2018 by Pencilnews.cn – True List