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Insurance service provider cooperation
Doubao connects a variety of service providers along the insurance value chain to improve the quality and efficiency of upstream and downstream services. We invite excellent service providers with insurance-related service capabilities, including, among others, claims services, health management services, car market after-sales services, insurance marketing activities and insurance pre-sales consultation to partner with us.
Join Doubao and work with us build a new insurance ecosystem.
Corporate insurance marketing cooperation
The Doubao Network intelligently matches customer requirements and demands with available services and products. Doubao Network not only provides a cross-platform service system for insurance companies, brokers, and corporate customers, but also provides an insurance platform for organizations or companies involved with corporate insurance solutions, including human resources organizations, larger-scale enterprises and other enterprises with insurance requirements.
You are most welcome to join us and build a mutually beneficial platform with us.
Insurance company business development cooperation
Doubao Network provides comprehensive and intelligent solutions for insurance brokers and insurance companies. It provides customized services for each element of the value chain, helping insurance institutions to quickly build a customer service system and other business-related functions. At the same time, it can also provide the functionality necessary to support the expansion and diversification of distribution channels.
You are most welcome to join with us in expanding your business.
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* The following are some of the cooperative enterprises (names not listed in order)
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Business Contact:JingJun Deng
Tel: 86-13911689291
Mob: 852-28822088
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