Insurance industry • Overall solution
Full intelligent data management, encompassing precision marketing and linking front and back office insurance functions
Doubao DigiCloud • technological innovation ability
  • High performance distributed computing
    Leading big data computing power to achieve real-time analysis of the performance of different institutions
  • Intelligent drive
    AI engine driving portraits of insurance big data
  • Industry technological innovation
    Intelligent analysis of NLP multilingual insurance clauses
  • Data scale processing
    Multidimensional/multisource data scale processing
  • Data security
    Data Security Protection System exceeds "Level III" of National Information Security Levels Protection Standard
Doubao DigiCloud • Energizing the whole industry
  • Insurance companies
    Installing a cloud-based data service solution
    • Improving online claims efficiency
    • Deep data mining and precision marketing
    • Data cloud storage and efficient data management
    • Activating potential customers and improving sales performance
  • Insurance brokers
    Implementing a middle-office operational solution
    • Expanding and diversifying customer channels
    • Customer profile precision marketing
    • Multiple product types
    • Providing reliable data support for brokers’ operational decision making.
  • Insurance consultants
    Executing an efficient marketing strategy
    • Recommending multiple high-quality insurance products
    • Multi-channel marketing tools
    • Customized solutions to meet customer requirements
    • Highly personalized management of existing customers
  • Service providers
    Building a new ecosystem of complementary services
    • Member Center provides new customers, business models, and scenarios
    • Providing services: medical examination, dentistry, insurance
    • Expanding the insurance value chain upstream and downstream
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You are welcome to join Doubao Digicloud and build a new insurance ecosystem with us.